Industrial flooring & Protective coating

MonniTop UV2

UV Resistant Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating
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MonniTop UV2 has been designed for use over concrete walls and floors, acid stained surfaces, concrete pavers and various types of architectural concrete.It is typically used as a follow:

  • UV resistant top coat for the epoxy and polyurethane resin systems.
  • When used as a finish coat in vehicular traffic areas, it resists tire tracking and provides high abrasion resistant top coat finish.
  • Finishing coat in industrial, commercial, or marine applications where a heavy-duty polyurethane floor finish is required
  • The excellent resistance to acids diluted alkalis,spillage of solvents, chemicals, jet fuel, grease,etc. and the high abrasion resistant combined with its elasticity makes MonniTop UV2 suitable for use in car parks, vehicle ramps and traffic aisles both indoor and outdoor
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