MonniProof WP1

Elastomeric Single Component Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane
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MonniProof WP1 is designed to waterproof most applications within the building and construction industry including:
► Tiled or covered areas
► Shower recess and wet areas (floor & upturns)
► Decks, balconies, terraces and podiums
► Retaining walls
► Planters and landscaped areas
► Structural slabs
► Water retaining structures, fountains & swimming
Exposed Areas prior to application of surface
wearing toppings
► Roofs
► Decks
► Terraces, balconies
Building substrates including:
► Concrete
► Cement
► Render
► Brick and block work
► Plaster board
► Masonry
► Steel and Timber

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